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20% of your customers give you
the 80% of your profits

This happens in every business. There is always a small group of customers who provide the highest percentage of profitability. Sometimes they are the customers who spend more, who pay better, or who simply consume less of our company’s resources.

These customers are the key to your company’s growth. What if you could identify them? Better yet… What if you had a machine to clone them?

In this course, we will teach you how to build one.

El 20% de tus clientes te dan
el 80% de tus beneficios

El 20% de tus clientes te dan el 80% de tus beneficios

Sucede en todas las empresas. Siempre hay un pequeño grupo de clientes que proporciona el mayor porcentaje de rentabilidad. A veces son clientes que gastan más, que pagan mejor, o que simplemente consumen menos recursos de nuestra empresa.

Esos clientes son la llave del crecimiento de tu negocio. ¿Y si pudieras identificarlos? Mejor aún… ¿Y si tuvieses una máquina para clonarlos?

Nosotros podemos creártela

Marketing by faith

For many entrepreneurs, getting the monthly turnover they need is a matter of faith. 

Every day you keep your fingers crossed that new customers will keep coming in, sometimes through word of mouth, contacts, social media or cold calls. So far, you’ve done well, but…. 

And if next month there were no customers, and this happened for several months, could you still pay your wages, could you still pay your rent? 

The customer cloning machine is the cure for having quality customers every month.


Leave us your information and we will send you your invitation to receive a one-on-one session with our strategy director on how to Create a Customer Cloning Machine.

We will ask you to indicate your availability so we can schedule your session.

An automatic machine
to clone customers

At Emotive Neuromarketing we are experts in marketing automation, persuasion and sales systems. It’s the perfect combination to provide you with a steady stream of good customers to grow your business.

With our system, our clients receive a predictable amount of new customers every week. Control your profitability, expenses and operational capacity. Your customer flow no longer depends on chance, it works more like a machine: you activate it and the customers come…

Una máquina automática
para clonar clientes

En Emotive Neuromarketing somos expertos en marketing automation, persuasión y sistemas de ventas. Se trata de la combinación perfecta para proporcionarte un flujo constante de buenos clientes que hagan crecer tu negocio.

Gracias a nuestro sistema, nuestros clientes reciben una cantidad predecible de nuevos clientes cada semana. Controlando su rentabilidad, sus gastos y su capacidad operativa. Su flujo de clientes ya no depende del azar, funciona más bien como una máquina: la activas y los clientes llegan.


We analyze your customer’s and your company’s DNA


We create a system to conquer your customer’s MIND.


We launch the system, optimize it and put it in AUTOMATIC.

Let us explain our system

In the initial phase, we analyse your business. We help you identify your ideal customer (the most profitable one, the one we will clone), we analyse their behaviour patterns, their language, their way of consuming, their fears and their deepest desires. We decipher their mind.

In the second phase, we analyse your sales funnels and your positioning in the customer’s mind. Based on this analysis, we create a combined sales system that allows us to maximise the advertising investment.

Finally, we put the machine in automatic mode and scale the process to multiply your results x10, x100 or x1,000.

Deja que te expliquemos
nuestro sistema

Nuestro sistema tiene tres pasos:

En el paso uno hacemos un análisis de tu negocio de tu cliente ideal. Te daremos las claves para que la máquina de clonar clientes pueda empezar a funcionar.

En la segunda fase construimos la auténtica máquina de clonar clientes, un sistema infalible para que no vuelvan a faltarte los buenos clientes.

Por último ponemos la máquina en automático y escalamos el proceso para multiplicar tus resultados x10, x100 o x1.000


Analizamos el ADN de tu cliente y tu empresa


Creamos un sistema para conquistar la MENTE de tu cliente.


Lanzamos el sistema, lo optimizamos y lo ponemos

Your business can also have a customer cloning machine

Tu negocio también puede tener
una máquina de clonar clientes

We are sure that your business is also suitable to have a sales system that allows you to get the right customers. We also know that it is normal for you to have doubts. That’s why we offer you a free mentoring in which we will explain you step by step how we are going to build your machine.

Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?

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